Red Brick Pizza – Edmonton, AB

Red Brick Pizza
965 James Mowatt Trail SW
Edmonton, AB T6W 1S4
(780) 756-9000

Self-described as a neighborhood pizza café, I was pleased that there was a new option to choose from when it came to satisfying my occasional craving for pizza in Edmonton.

Tucked away in a small strip-mall just off of Ellerslie Road on the south-side of Edmonton, this new pizza franchise appeared to be focused on thin-crust pizzas, ideally suited for the quick cooking times and intense heat of their “red brick” pizza oven.  Scanning the menu, I was initially disappointed when I got to the description for the Margherita Pizza:  “ mozzarella, provolone, white cheddar, parmesan, basil, garlic, fresh tomatoes, red sauce”

Hmmm – red sauce?  Maybe I should turn around and leave…

Uncertain what to order – I tried looking for something that I couldn’t find at the two-for-one’s around the corner.  Settling on #13:  Proscuitto, Mushrooms & Arugula: with mozzarella, parmesan, olive oil and garlic sauce.

We settled into one of the booths complete with its own TV – and took in the décor of this café.  It is nice, but feels more commercial than its advertised neighborhood café promise.  The pizza arrived quickly – delivered on a cardboard tray, along with paper plates.


First impressions were that it looked good, with a fair amount of toppings for a thin-crust pizza.  The initial taste reactions were that it was a bit salty – not sure if it was from the prosciutto or the parmesan, but was still quite good.  The base stayed crisp throughout, and the crust was surprisingly light with a nice bite.

Is this traditional Neapolitan pizza?  No – nor do they claim to be.

Is it the best pizza ever?  No, but definitely better than the aforementioned two-for-one’s.

Nothing to get too excited about, but with Edmonton’s weak pizza offerings – it’s better than most.


To better answer some of the comments posted, I figured some additional photos would make things more clear.  The term ‘crust’ is used very loosely when describing pizza, and will ultimately lead to confusion.   i.e.  thin-crust,  pan-crust, stuffed-crust, etc.   The pizza offered at Red Brick Pizza has a very thin ‘base’, but a doughy ‘rim’ which has a nice outer crunch due to the open fire oven it is cooked in.

Picking up a slice of this pizza is very similar to picking up a New York style slice, where the base is not able to support any of the toppings.  The fold-and-hold method used in NY also works very well with Red Brick pizza.


The hot stone base within the pizza oven is what makes this style of pizza different from many of the other broiler/conveyor-belt oven joints around.  Having personally experimented with this style of oven – I know that loose flour will burn quickly — eventually sticking to the base of the next pizza if you’re not careful.   The base of this particular slice was clean, unfortunately there were a few slices which were not so.


Pictured here is the RedBrick Gourmet Works.   Available sizes are Small (9″),  Medium (11″), Large (14″)  ranging in prices of approximately $8, $14, $19 respectively.


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5 thoughts on “Red Brick Pizza – Edmonton, AB

  1. Sorry, but a few questions for you:

    How much and how big was the pie? I’ve been looking at trying Red Brick forever, but it was always closed for some reason.

    Would you classify it as a think crust? Pictures look a bit more medium to me, but it’s hard to tell from the edge alone…

    Thoughts on the sauce? Was it present? Did it tie the key ingredients together? How much quantity of sauce was on it (gushes when you bite into it, can taste it, or see the color but non existant)?

    • Sorry for the delay in response – I was busy finding eats in TO. Just for you – I stopped by on my way home from the airport!

      I’ve added some more detailed photos, to answer some of your questions.

      SIZE/PRICE: S/M/L are 9″/11″/14″ averaging in price of $8/$14/$19

      CRUST: It has it’s own classification: thin-base, thick-rim. 🙂

      SAUCE: The sauce on the Prosciutto-Arugula was the garlic sauce. It was very present – the garlic flavour and smell was very evident, but very little visible evidence of it.

      The ‘red-sauce’ on the Gourmet Works, also had a surprisingly strong tomato flavour, just enough to be seen, with no gushing.

      Between the two – I preferred the ‘works’ over the ‘prosciutto-arugula’.

      • Ah, thick rim and thin base, love that combo! Thanks for the further details to clarify this pizza matter that consumed us while you were traveling. More TO posts, yea! Can’t wait to hear what you ate out east!

  2. Have to agree with foodosopher – this does look a lot more “doughy” than a thin crust pizza would typically be, unless there is some serious distortion caused by taking a snap so closely.

    I love the saltiness of a good parmesan cheese spread on a pie.

  3. Third agreement here about the crust. It doesn’t look thin at all; and I would love to hear more about the pie…Having been open for a while, I’ve yet to meet or come across anyone who has tried this place out.

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