Barb & Ernie’s – Edmonton, AB

Barb & Ernie’s old country inn
9906 – 72 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: (780) 433-3242

The unique German inspired exterior of this establishment has always caught my eye, but as it is not on a usual travel route for me, my mind rarely thinks to this part of the city when deciding where to go for my morning meal.

The sign out front reads “Best Eggs Benedict”, which made my choice easy – leaving me ample time to read the summary of 30+ years of history on the menu cover.

We arrived just past 11am on warm Sunday morning, and every table inside and out – were FULL.  The interior was decorated just like its exterior with German knick-nacks on the walls. This also includes Ernie – dressed in lederhosen and a Bavarian hat.


As a group got up to leave, Ernie exclaimed “thank-you, come again! I need the money!” to which he had many restaurant patrons laughing.  He seated us with his exuberant charm, passing a menu to my wife with a pleasant “here you are beautiful”, and passes me mine with a simple nod of the hat.

I know many people who would find his boisterous personality annoying – but I personally find characters like Ernie entertaining, especially as this is his establishment.  (Had this been a patron, I would have a target to fling the mustard spoon).

With no obvious formality of assigned servers, Barb scanned the floor and came over to take our order.  ‘Barb’s Special Omelette’ for my wife, and the Eggs Benedict for myself.  They have a full array of options for the bene – (ham, bacon, seafood, bratworst, schnitzel) so I asked Barb what she recommends.  “Have bratworst today, and come next week for schnitzel”!

Portions are huge, shredded hash is seasoned well, and fruit was ripe and fresh.   Now, I know there are lots of opinions on how an omelette should be made (milk, water, carbonated water / whipped, stirred, forked / high heat, low heat / butter, oil, non-stick / fluffy, thin / etc).  So I will just report that this particular omelette was of a thin variety, and the filling was plentiful and tasted good.


The Eggs Benedict was good – the bratworst was fantastic!  Two large bratworst sausages, shredded hash and a side of various fruit – I have nothing to complain about here.   Now, to address their claim of being the ‘best’ — I think you put yourself up for unnecessary scrutiny when you make claims like this; however, it scores above average for me and worthy of another visit.

My only complaint – is due to my personal requirement for a big glass of OJ in the morning.  Unfortunately for me – I received a small glass, luke-warm, and tasted like it came from a low-grade brand tetrapack.  Overall – a fun atmosphere, decent food, plentiful portions, and charismatic service.   See you next week for the schnitzel, Barb!

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4 thoughts on “Barb & Ernie’s – Edmonton, AB

  1. Having been exposed to those “boisterous” personalities most of my life back home, I usually try to steer clear of them nowawdays.
    But I do admit that it does fit the atmosphere in a place like this.

    Nothing like a good Schnitzel.

    • I feel the same way. I used to go there all the time, and then i got very very tired of the boisterous personality, the long waits, and the overly greasy breakfast. I did love it for a long time though 🙂

  2. A strange place this is. I find the line very definitive with folks around town. You are either totally into Ernie’s show, or never step a foot near the joint. I’ve never been blown away, and found Ernie a little harsh for my liking one day. Even now, years later, I still haven’t gone back.

  3. I wish I could get my hands on the cooking videos Ernie and Barb made ….they were hilarious (not intentional I believe). Ernie and his garnishes!

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