Dadeo New Orleans Diner and Bar – Edmonton, AB

Dadeo New Orleans Diner and Bar
10548A 82 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 433-0930

While there are differences between Cajun, Creole, and Southern food, I couldnt name many off the top of my head. Local and native versus European influence is how i was taught to distinguish between the two, but with Dadeo, this dilemma is solved. They offer both.

Dadeo is an eclectic diner on Edmonton’s spirited Whyte Avenue.  They serve lunch and dinner every day except Wednesdays,  and are open late. I have always found the biggest oddity with them is not the bright, kitschy decor, nor the menu, but the fact kids arent allowed. They function as a restaurant, but are licensed as a bar, so they maintain a strict 18 years and older policy. Unfortunate for the times that i wish to meet friends with kids for lunch, this is very inconvenient, as they serve some good, simple fare.


The Dadeo menu is an all things to all people kind of menu – which frequent readers will know i dislike. However, what it means is some homework, and some reconnaissance need to be done in order to navigate the extensive menu to find the real treasures – because really good comfort food does exist.


My favorite entree at Dadeo is the Combo Fabio. Half St. Louis ribs, half fried chicken, it’s a great sample of two good entrees. The seasoned fried chicken has crispy seasoned skin, but invariably ends up a touch dry. The ribs are tender and moist, and doused in sauce. Not my preferred BBQ style, but there is something satisfying about the messy satisfaction of eating wet ribs.


Po Boys are Cajun style sandwiches served with a variety of fillings. Pictured is crab cake. Often decent, occasionally a bit dry. The blackened catfish is usually quite good, and the blackened chicken is a safe choice as well.  They are on special for lunch as well – so that is the best time to indulge.


My first memory of Dadeo involved an angel hair pasta with seafood and bananas foster. This classic dish for two is a heart attack waiting in a bowl, but oh my what a way to go. Banana’s with rum flambeed in a pound of butter, brown sugar, and poured over ice cream. The table side service is a nice touch, and the taste is to die for. Rich, decadent, best shared with one or two people.


Every Edmontonian i know loves Dadeo. I have to say, at this point, it is likely more institution than great dining experience, but it is still worth trying unless you frequent the Southern United States. The food is solid, hearty, and comforting. Definitely heavy, greasy, and good value. These values appeal to Edmontonians – as the long lineups and wait times are a testament to the popularity of Dadeo. It’s not the best food in town, but I never complain about ending up there. Definitely worth a sample, along with a beer. I’d pass on the chili beer though – neither Cajun, nor Creole, it is interesting, but hard to stomach more than a few drinks. Save the room for your meal, you’ll be glad you did.

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8 thoughts on “Dadeo New Orleans Diner and Bar – Edmonton, AB

  1. Ah yes – the Jalapeno jelly. Im actually not a huge fan of jelly… 🙂 I’ve never had the oyster po’ boys, but i will be sure to try it next time im there! Thanks for the intel!

  2. Ahh. I came here to mention the Jalapeno Jam too.
    When I first saw it, I asked my friends, “what the hell is this stuff?”. They slyly smiled and replied, “just try it”. I braced myself, tasted some of the neon green goo, and was surprised that it was pretty normal tasting!

    I got my friends to take me here because they kept raving on and on about the place. I was pretty satisfied with my deep fried oyster po’ boys, served with some excellent yam fries… but it wasn’t THAT good. Such is life in Edmonton: it may be *great* in Edmonton, but it’s just *good* elsewhere.

    While you’re in Edmonton, check out Tasty Tomato on Stony Plain. It’s my favorite Italian place 🙂

    • Lol. Great description! It definitely is a slightly offputting neon green – i should see if i can find a picture around here and post it. And great mention about the fries – not being a fan of yam/sweet potato fries, i never get them, but everyone swears by them.

      Tasty Tomato? Havent been there in years. I’ll give it a shot next time!

  3. Oh the jelly! I’ve always though of this offering (mini biscuit/jelly) as ingenious. I agree with the blackened chicken as a safe path; I normally enjoy the oyster or pulled pork. THe latter gets so sloppy! Sweet potato fries ares great, and I find myself oddly addicted to the cajun spice sprinkled on their cajun cigars (spring rolls).

    Even if you go for less heavier items, you can find a delicious spinach salad (I always add blackened shrimp) and apple/avocado salad. Can’t forget the oysters, I know many people who experienced them here for the first time. I’ve actually never had, or been witness to any friends ordering the ribs…

    Great thoughts and it’s always nice when you guys come north.

  4. Their sweet potato fries are really good; I tend to compare other ones to theirs. I have had better ones before but I could probably count those times on one hand.

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