New Brighton Pool Concession – Vancouver, BC

New Brighton Pool
North Windermere Street
Vancouver, BC
Tel: (604) 298-0222


(This is a bit of a “drive-by” post, but I think it is worthy.) We are now in the midst of our summer here in Vancouver, and to me, that means it is time for some fries at the public pool.

The concession stand here at New Brighton Pool in East Vancouver serves my favourite concession fries in the Lower Mainland. Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside with just a tinge of delectable greasiness. Most concession stands at Vancouver parks serve up atrocious fries – very greasy and tasting of old, unfiltered fryer oil. Not here….it tastes fresh every time.

Adding to that gastronomic experience is the view that is quintessential East Van – the industrial port in the near distance, bounded by train tracks and the Horse Stables at the Track by the PNE to the south. Summer in the city.

Where is your favourite concession chip stand?

3 thoughts on “New Brighton Pool Concession – Vancouver, BC

  1. *Drool*! I love great chips! And the skins are still on too, just the way they should be 🙂 I know the next time i go swimming in Van, which pool i’ll be choosing!

  2. For some reason, be it poolside or at the beach, I’ve never been someone who likes to eat. Not sure if its the smell of chlorine or the small grinds of sand all over the place (and on my hands too), but it never feels like an appetizing moment.

    I’m thinking they should pull that industrial structure over to this pool though, as it looks like it could make quite the slide! 🙂

  3. It’s usually the heat that keeps my appetite down…however, I always get fish and chips and some Vrroom! for my kids on our way into the pool. It’s a bit of a tradition for us now.

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