My Chau – Vancouver, BC

My Chau
1715 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 874-6880

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When I walk into an ethnic restaurant for the first time, I make an attempt to determine if they have a specialty – a particular house dish for which they are “famous” within their community. I look for clues in the menu or on chalkboards and also I look around at the other tables to see what the other patrons are having.

The first time I entered My Chau a couple of years ago, determining their specialty was easy  – it was their chicken pho (pho ga) with a side of deep fried chicken leg. The place was packed for lunch and almost every single table had a plate full of this beautifully deep fried chicken leg that comes with bowl of a chicken pho. I knew then I had to have it.


This place is truly a hole-in-the-wall in the best meaning of the term. The restaurant is a mere sliver – perhaps ten feet across and seats no more than perhaps 20-30 people. For such a tiny place, they have an extensive eight page menu.

East Vancouver has a number of places that serve a good beef pho (pho bo). My Chau differentiates itself from the crowd by specializing in pho ga and thus have developed a quite a following. It fills up quickly around lunch time – often with well-dressed and affluent Vietnamese side by side with working class folk looking to have a good pho ga.

Their chicken broth is light, but flavourful – and very nearly transparent in its clarity. It is also quite light in salt. I do not detect that “round” MSG flavour that so many bowls of pho in this town exhibit. The accompanying chicken leg is fried perfectly – with a crisp, golden skin and tender meat. I suspect that the legs had been used to make the broth prior to being deep fried. It may explain the excellent crispiness of the skin. It is delicious and perfectly seasoned.


The noodles are perfectly cooked – loosely separate, al dente, fresh tasting and nicely “ricey”.


The other food I have had here has been very good (The hu tieu – dry noodles – in particular). However, it is their pho ga that beckons.

My Chau on Urbanspoon

9 thoughts on “My Chau – Vancouver, BC

  1. I too really enjoy seeking out the “best” of what a restaurant has to offer. Generally its pretty clear from a little research or a scan of the neighboring tables as you noted.

    Not only am I huge fan of chicken-based broths/noodle soups, I just LOVE roasted or deep fried chicken. So to have a side of it with a solid bowl of pho, I can’t think of a better meal! You’ve hooked me big time, I’m going there for sure! How “user friendly” is this hole-in-the-way for those who ain’t Vietnamese? 🙂 Easy to order and be understood?

  2. This is a very user friendly place for a Vietnamese hole in the wall – especially on Kingsway. The servers are fluent in English and the menu is well laid out and translated well.

  3. Gastro – great find! Love Pho Ga…

    Quick question though – you mention that you thought the legs may have been used to make the broth before frying. The one time i tried that, they ended up quite tasteless. Did you detect anything off about the flavour of the legs themselves?

  4. The legs were well seasoned….perhaps through marinating. The broth was light and the leg meat had good texture – so I don’t think they simmered all the flavour out of the legs.

    My guess: a short simmer, marinate in Vietnamese flavourings (fish sauce, etc.), air-dry the legs in the fridge, then deep fry. All that said…I, of course, could be wrong.

  5. my chau is dope!!! amazing broth…next time ask for chicken balls with the pho and side if fried chicken

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