T Room Bakery – Vancouver, BC

T Room Bakery and Kitchenware
4445 10th Avenue West
Vancouver, BC
(604) 677 2579

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Short and sweet.  Seems that whenever I review a dessert place, it ends up this way.  I suppose its fitting, given that just a little piece of cake, cookie, pie, etc. ends up being more than I really need to be consuming.  Yes, yours truly is becoming more and more conscious of his weight…

A hybrid between a dessert café, pâtisserie, and a kitchen supply shop, the T Room makes the best use of its quaint space to provide an experience that can cater to all sorts of people interested in many aspects of baking.  With a keen sense of always adapting to the times and season, in addition to the baked goods and sweets, menu items such as soups, salads and sandwiches are available.  For this commentary, I will only be talking about the takeaway bakery component of this business.

On my most recent visit, I picked up a whole cake for a friendly gathering.  Pictured above is a Strawberry Cheesecake.  For those who’ve read some other dessert reviews from Vancouver, such as here and here will know that I enjoy my cheesecakes.  This version at T Room was unlike the others in that it had a much softer consistency.  Not quite as loose as say jelly, but slicing into it you could immediately notice how delicate it was and it was difficult to cut it into nice and neat slices.

This didn’t bother me as frankly when cheesecakes are as solid as a brick, they tend to be very rich and its not long before I tire of eating even half of a decent sized slice.  The nutty rim added an additional textural crunch while the smooth top layer with the unmistakeable scent of strawberry, but not so overpowering that it commanded the full attention of the taste profile, was well done.  Not incredibly sugary sweet, it was very easy to eat a single slice, and then some.  Others who had a piece commented on this as well, so I was not alone.  The only downside is that this is doing nothing to aid in my attempt to control my calorie intake.

I’ll do my best to do a follow up piece on the dine-in café section, and share my thoughts on the soup/sandwich offerings, as some did catch my eye on my last scan of the menu board…

T Room Bakery and Kitchenware on Urbanspoon


9 thoughts on “T Room Bakery – Vancouver, BC

  1. >bruleeblog
    That T shop is a nice place as well, I’ve bought a few organic blends from their West Broadway location. I am quite sure this T Room Bakery in the review is an independent outfit, and thus could be considered a competitor in the sense that they both have a cafe to drink tea and are located a short drive apart from one another.

  2. I like the sound of that, we have a similar organic restaurant with a connected shop with baked goods and supplies. it is great. nice post.

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