Return of Foodosopher!

Provided that there are no missed connections, it is expected that Foodosopher will land on North American soil sometime in the next twenty-four hours, for the first time in many weeks.  Yours truly will do his best to do a quick catch-up meeting with him (over a meal of course!) and get one of the earliest, firsthand accounts of his tremendous food expedition that took him to the other side of the globe.

Stay tuned to Foodosophy for more from him directly, and I’m sure that in addition to his travel reports of restaurants and food encountered, we will see a return of some more Alberta-based reviews (likely of non-Asian cuisine, as I am sure he is a bit fatigued with that) now that he is back in the mix.

Welcome back Foodosopher!

– shokutsu


2 thoughts on “Return of Foodosopher!

  1. I think there may have been an error the other day when I wrote; in short, I’m excited to see and read about the upcoming adventures both culinary and culturally. Welcome Back!

  2. >raidar
    Yes, it seems there was some glitch with WordPress as your comment disappeared after it was posted. Thanks for your note, I had a short debrief with him yesterday and it sounds like he has lots of stories to share….

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