One More Sushi – Vancouver, BC

One More Sushi
222-2155 Allison Road
Vancouver, BC
(604) 228 9773

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Located on the second floor of  mixed commercial/residential complex just behind University Village at UBC, One More Sushi is impossible to see from the road.  With three other places (Suga Sushi, Osaka Sushi, Omio Japanese Restaurant) in the same general area that also serve up their take on sushi, it makes for a very condensed location for Japanese food.  As such, unless you knew about it from actually walking in the area, I highly doubt you ever knew it exists and most people probably satisfy their sushi fix at one of the other better known and more visible places.

As it occupies a more spacious area, the seating floorspace is clearly the largest of the sushi serving restaurants in this geographical area.  A long narrow entranceway leads into this space, with the sushi bar along one side that leads back to the kitchen area, as well as a bar station that is located nearby as well.  As the lighting was incredibly dark, and we were seated at the opposite end, I could not be sure but it appeared like there were private rooms at the other side of the room.  The decor was your typical, North American interpretation of what a Japanese restaurant “should look like”, with cheap pictures and paintings hanging on the walls.  One more thing I would mention is that the heating, or lack there of, made the place very cold – something that people who have gone there on multiple occassions have told me never changes.   So dress warmly!

In the mood just to share a few appetizers and get a sample of their sushi, our table chose a basic spinach Gomae, which had a weak flavored but really thick consistency to their sesame paste/dressing.  Not the good first food impression we were hoping for.  This was followed by a serving of the Agedashi Tofu.  It had a very thin layer of coating and the tofu itself was fresh and very soft.  Perhaps they could have fried it a bit longer and provided a more flavorful broth to accompany it.  Two appetizers in, and I was disappointed at how lighthanded they were with the depth of flavor in both.

Not my selection, but this is the Yam Tempura Maki.  I don’t tend to like sweet things in sushi nor maki in general, so I am not the best person to be commenting on this plate.  The piece I had confirmed my preferences, not that I can’t eat it

Lastly, as I was somewhat hesitant to try any nigiri, I elected to go with the Chirashidon.  That way I could at least try to get a semblance of the quality of their product, freshness and skill in cutting.  It came in a rather smallish bowl which was fine as too many places put this in a large one and compensate by filling it with too much sushi rice.  It turned out the ingredients themselves were simply average – not horrifically bad that I couldn’t eat it, but not overly enthusiastic at the same time either.

Apologies for the poor quality of pictures, as they were taken with my mobile, but I hope you were able to form some image in your mind of what each dish looked and tasted like.  With its seemingly strong level of popularity with the student crowd at UBC, I imagine One More Sushi will continue to be a relatively busy place despite its shortcomings and pumping out just average/sub-standard fare.  I just know it won’t have me coming back, One More Time…

One More Sushi on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “One More Sushi – Vancouver, BC

  1. I’ve eaten lunch at One More Sushi at least four or five times, partly because it’s one of the only sit-down restaurants in walking distance of where I work. Several of the occasions have been business lunches, and it’s worked pretty well each time. You did indeed see private “rooms” on the far wall. Not fully enclosed, the paneled “rooms” only do a little to filter out the lunch-time noise, but it does make it easier for a group of people to converse.

    I have to say, I’ve never noticed the temperature as a problem! Then again, I’ve only ever dined there at mid-day. Note that if your plans are at around lunch time, it’s VERY helpful to have a reservation. Otherwise, you can just about guarantee there will be a wait for a table.

    The service has always been good, and the food good enough to make for a pleasant meal over which to talk. However, I and most of those who have dined with me come equipped with a standard melting-pot North American’s knowledge of and experience with Japanese cuisine.

    Even though I’ve had no bad experiences at One More Sushi, I wouldn’t consider it a “destination” restaurant, and I’m not even much of a foodie.

    • Thanks for confirming about those rooms I thought I’d seen. It also appears like we travel, or at least eat in, similar extreme west side places. 🙂 Appreciate your added impressions on this place, and agree its not a destination place, but rather a place of convenience or perhaps even sushi default for this part of town.

      How crazy, I went and ate there tonight!

  2. I made the mistake of going here on the weekend, and also made the mistake of ordering the chirashi don. Mazui desu, hontoni mazui. For $15, I was ripped off.

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