Pearl Fever Tea House – Vancouver, BC

Pearl Fever Tea House
2182 Western Parkway
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 221 9882

Pearl Fever Tea House on Urbanspoon

Its noted that the owners of Pearl Fever took their inspiration from the valuable gemstone that most people associate with their namesake. But it would also seem worthwhile to mention that their feverish desire to promote the world of Asian drinks has spread to their business goals as well, with the opening of their latest bubble tea shop on the campus of UBC three years ago (following their flagship store in Coquitlam and their second in Surrey).

As most people know, the origin of bubble tea is generally accepted to be the island of Taiwan in East Asia, and drinks are based on a chilled or hot blend of tea, juice, milk, and other liquids with various flavorings. With the most popular of these add-ons being the round droplets of gummy tapioca balls, hence the association of pearls. With a chewy bite, that when bad can be disgustingly chalky, I find that they have a strong polarizing effect, people either hate them or love them.  I’m one of the latter.

The pair of cups you see above are a Green Milk Tea with pearls, and a Lychee Green Tea with pearls.  The creamier milk variety does make for a thicker consistency obviously, whereas the straight tea goes down a lot quicker through the wide straw and I find I drink that much faster as a result.  The tapioca balls here are of a good consistency, not too tough and not overly cooked so they fall apart like powder upon biting into them.  The liquids themselves were smooth, uncomplicated and without surprises, pleasant in flavor and satisfying overall.

Some of our readers may recall a discussion that arose for a previous post on bubble tea in Vancouver, and the general “technology” that you find in these shops. I found it interesting that Pearl Fever had their very own, store branded seals that were affixed to each cup. I kind of like this subtle touch to mark their territory amid all the usual generic cups of bubble tea you see in the marketplace.

Incidentally, my night ended on a disappointing low.  I made the mistake of putting my guard down and picked up a burger at the next door Vera’s Burger Shack.  As I was eating it, I thought it wasn’t as dried out and overcooked as my previous experience, and was surprised that it was better.  Maybe that should have been my hint.  I am sure I had some bad raw sections as just four hours later in the middle of the night, I woke up with a tremendous pain in my stomach.  Suffice it to say, I was up for the next hour trying to regain control of my body.  Never again I say, never again…

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Pearl Fever Tea House on Urbanspoon


6 thoughts on “Pearl Fever Tea House – Vancouver, BC

  1. Technically, a pearl is not a gemstone, as it is not from a mineral origin, but I am sure everybody has a good idea of what you mean.

    Actually, there is that group that falls in-between, i.e., that group of people who don’t hate it yet, at the same time, won’t go out of the way just to get one. I belong to this group. Oh, whenever I have one (and haven’t had one in a long time), I usually go for the slush version and, once in a while, I go for coconut jelly.

  2. > KimHo
    Are you a jeweler or perhaps a marine biologist with a specialization in mollusks? 🙂 I’d heard pearls referred to in a PBS documentary as the “Queen of Gems” so figured it applied. I guess the most accurate description would be a crystalline, calcium carbonate formation formed in a shelled mollusc. But I guess that would ruin the image I was trying to create. 🙂

    My reference to tapioca balls was strictly talking about when one buys a bubble tea. So I figure people either get them or don’t get them. Because they like them or don’t like them. I wouldn’t go out of my way to just get tapioca balls either unless I am in a bubble tea shop. 🙂

    > bruleeblog
    I am, thanks for asking!

  3. Glad your feeling better. Never a good night when food takes you down and out.

    I do like the custom labels, and enjoy the “please chew thoroughly” statement. I think it would give me a chuckle every time.

  4. Yes! I love Pearl Fever. Although it may seem obvious, do not freeze bubble tea..the tapioca pearls, once unthawed, develop a horrible, crumbly texture..not pleasant at all!

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