New Year Update (and 7 month anniversary)…

On behalf of the editors, I wanted to take this opportunity to bring our readers up to speed with some recent developments…

As some of our loyal followers, particularly those from the Calgary region may have noticed, our beloved Foodospher has been M.I.A of late. Rest assured, he’s alive and well (at least that’s what we are assuming), but is out of touch (email, phone, etc.) this next little while as he is off traveling to the other side of our planet. With limited access to communication tools, it is expected that he will be offline until his return and thus there will obviously be no Calgary updates from him for the time being, but we expect him to give us plenty of reports from his journey, hopefully including his first authentic Pho experience!

Also, today marks a welcome piece of news in the form of a new contributor to Foodosophy. Interloper, who’s bio you can read on the Who we are… page, becomes our first Eastern Canada-based writer, and will report from the incredible food town that is Toronto. We know his addition will increase the scope of our coverage in North America and abroad, and trust you will all welcome him with open arms.

Happy eating!

The Foodosophy Team

P.S. This month’s header image is of a takeout sushi set from Fujiya (Vancouver, BC)

2 thoughts on “New Year Update (and 7 month anniversary)…

  1. > raidar
    Good news, I heard briefly from the Foodosopher overnight so he is indeed surviving and promises lots of reports on his return that I think you’ll enjoy.

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