Oasis Bubble Tea and Cuisine – Vancouver, BC

Oasis Bubble Tea and Cuisine
2076 West 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Tel: (604) 606 0688

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Scanning the drink board menu at most bubble tea places is an overwhelming experience, what with all of the flavors that are listed, including many that are not common ingredients that one usually sees elsewhere in an eating establishment and I am not talking just about bubble teas (e.g. black grass jelly, anyone?).

From the black tea-based originals, milk-based variations, and fresh fruit slush types, the choices can leave you pondering what to do. Order something you’ve had before and know you enjoy? Or take a chance with a new flavor or blend-style that might cause you to want to ditch it after one single sip? Oasis goes a step further and throws another wrench into the works with their inclusion of ice cream blended bubble teas on the menu – which for me was a new range to see in a bubble tea shop (I later saw their sandwich board outside that boldly proclaimed they have “the best ice cream bubble tea in town”).

I figured I’d take the plunge. As you may recall from my previous posts, when it comes to ice cream as a dessert, it doesn’t take much to twist my arm. At $4.25 for the base drink and an extra fifty cents for the added pearls, it came in a good sized cup complete with that ubiquitous plastic seal on top. If anyone can tell me how they put these on (is there a special sealing device they use?), I’d be happy to know.

Turns out, the ice cream bubble tea is as creamy as a milkshake, so no big surprises on the texture and temperature front. The green tea flavor was a perfect sweetness, I was afraid that is would be overwhelmingly sugary, knowing that sweetness is added to bubble teas on top of what comes out naturally from the usual ingredients (such as fruit). I was torn on the inclusion of the pearls with my drink.

Mixed in with the thicker-than-usual liquid that was the ice cream blend, I felt they got lost in the shuffle and were completely enveloped into the mix rather than standing out on their own as they are in a straight tea bubble tea. As a result, I am not sure if it was the preparation of the pearls, but they did seem to be a touch on the soft side, but thankfully with none of that chalkiness that sometimes does happen with them that I really dislike.

If you can put up with the tacky Polynesian-themed interior decor, which also stretches outside with some fake palm trees attached to the outer wall and that hover next to a circular glass cutout that serves as the main window into the restaurant (as well as some photographs of food items encased in two vertical frames just outside the front door), Oasis can almost be just that and live up to their name, on a non-busy day. With four booths lined along one wall, and some tables and chairs in the other section, if you can get a seat, it felt much less cramped than say a coffee cafe would, enabling you to sit and chat for a longer period of time comfortably.

I didn’t get much of a look at the food available, other than say some Vietnamese subs on a hanging menu board (but no doubt, better ones can be had in a place like Calgary when it comes to this as they do it well there). The skimpy menu that was on the table at the order desk also had some Taiwanese cafe dishes like beef with noodles soup, and curry with rice dishes, so I am guessing that’s why the “Vietnamese” in the restaurant name had been replaced with a blank void in the place’s signage outside.   I think I’d just stick to the bubble tea and get your food elsewhere as that is what my “Spidey Sense” was telling me …

Oasis Bubble Tea & Cuisine on Urbanspoon

10 thoughts on “Oasis Bubble Tea and Cuisine – Vancouver, BC

  1. Thanks to you both bruleeblog and raidar for the insights into the existence of such a machine – I just knew there had to be one but didn’t want to search online as I’d prefer to hear this info from our readers. 🙂 I didn’t know such contraptions would ever come up in regular conversation raidar, very amusing!

  2. Oh isn’t it amazing what can come up in conversation. Somehow though, I think this topic was brought up as I mentioned it would make drinking all liquids a bit more fun if you got to jab a massive straw into your drink every time. Imagine, no lost beer or pop from all the bumping elbows at the bar..come to think of it, it’s almost like an adult sippy cup.

  3. > raidar

    Brilliant! I agree, topics of conversation can run the full gamut but it is all the more bewildering that there’s been a connection between us on this minute piece of real estate on the Internet, in the same time frame. The for-adults beef spill preventing measure would be a welcome one by me. But what happens when one needs to “bring it back up” suddenly while holding that cup after one too many pints – the plastic barrier would have a negative effect then. 🙂

  4. This place is good. But there’s a bubble tea place on Fraser by John Oliver Secondary that has good ice cream bubble tea drinks too. Oddly enough, it’s called Green Leaf Natural Food and it was written up in the Georgia Straight before, I think.

  5. I have to say, I could not agree with you in 100%, but that’s just my opinion, which could be very wrong.
    p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where have you got it from?

  6. Hi CFJ

    You’re more than welcome to disagree! We would love to hear why – any thoughts?

    In terms of the template, it’s a standard WordPress Template. We just customized the elements we could (header, side nav).

    Anyway, thanks for letting us know you’re out there.

  7. >car floor jacks

    Would certainly welcome some clarity on what you personally like/dislike at Oasis, I’m just crossing my fingers that its not that dreadful decorations that you enjoy. 🙂

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