Happy Holidays from Foodosophy to You!

Well, it is that time of year again. Good friends, family, and good food. What this means is parties, get togethers, and not a lot of restaurants. As a result of the holidays, we wanted to let you know that we will be following an abbreviated posting schedule until the New Year. We will still be posting when we have the time, but will not be able to commit to our daily posting schedule. After all, even those of us at Foodosophy need some time off once in a while! Otherwise, the next post may be the “Foodosophy of Divorce” 🙂


We want to thank you all for making the last 7 months as enjoyable as they have been. We wish you and yours the very best for a safe and delicious holidays!

~ The Team at Foodosophy

6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Foodosophy to You!

  1. Thanks for the enjoyable reads! Looking forward to the new year, and maybe some stops in Edmonton – hint hint!

    To the season – stay safe.

  2. > raidar
    Since Foodosopher is away, I thought I’d reply and say that indeed we could use some more coverage from Alberta’s capital. Its interesting that all of the contributors (aside from probably Gatronomydomine) have lived or has some ties to E-town. Foodosopher and Prefectionist are the most likely to make regular trips back though and could assist with your request. 🙂

  3. Who needs Bacon when we can have six degrees of E-town! Would definitely look forward to a few more Edmonton adventures from the foodosophy team.

  4. > raidar
    You have me confused with the “Bacon” comment as my mind immediately went to the pork reference, but caught myself at the end of the comment. Indeed, E-town needs more representation around these parts, considering all the ties we have. I’ll be sure to send out a memo to the staff. 🙂

    • Great powers of observation JJ Money – it most definitely is. You’re the first to notice 🙂 Someday, i’ll explain the whole story!

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