Captain Scotts Fish and Chips – Calgary, AB

Captain Scotts Fish and Chips
76-55 Castleridge Boulevard NE
Calgary, AB T3J 3J8
(403) 280-0009

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Today is more about food, than than any “osophy”. For some reason, i have writers block. I feel repetitive. Any other blog writers ever encounter this? Any solution that doesn’t involve emptying my bottle of gin?

I’ve been exploring the NE a lot lately – mostly because it’s one of those areas I find i’ve neglected for too long. Lots of interesting places – ethnic and otherwise – a drive into every neighbourhood yields a new adventure.

I’d first heard mention of Captain Scotts when involved in a discussion about Captain’s Fish and Chips. I kept confusing the two, and couldn’t keep them separated. It’s located in the same mall as Nirvana, Bombay Sweet House, The Village, and a variety of other East Indian eateries. Makes it a bit easier to find – it definitely sticks out like a sore thumb. 


The decor is clean and simple. You order from a counter in the back, and sit in a cafeteria like setting. While there is nothing notable about the interior, there isn’t the oily residue on table surfaces and walls that places a little less meticulous often have.


In terms of a menu, it’s very simple. A wide variety of fish, including Cod, Haddock, Halibut, and Boston Blue, and a bunch of seafood choices – shrimp, scallops, clams. They have some salads and desserts, but to be honest, in a restaurant where everything is deep fried, neither of these really appeal. Prices are pretty reasonable – 1pc fish and chips start at $6.95.


Unfortunately, the fish is pretty poor. The fish was dry,there was too much batter on an otherwise small piece of fish, and the oil had a definite funk to it. Old oil that really needed to be changed. Condiments came in plastic packages – tartar by Heinz. The coleslaw was slightly mushy and mostly cream – no acidity, no flavour.

On the plus side, the fries were excellent. Fried in what i would guess is a different fryer (no fish-smell contamination), they are crispy, hot, and toothsome. With malt vinegar on every table, and a generous amount of salt, they were an excellent order of fries.

No matter how good the fries are, fish is a pretty critical component to fish and chips. While i may go back occasionally for the fries, i’d skip the fish. Captains, in Brentwood, is much better.

Captain Scotts Fish & Chips on Urbanspoon


16 thoughts on “Captain Scotts Fish and Chips – Calgary, AB

  1. We all try to keep a theme on our blogs, but if that keyboard just won’t translate your thoughts into a post, mix it up.
    Yes, yours is a food blog, but that does not mean you can’t write about an experience that only remotely is related to food.

    Start with that Gin bottle of yours….which brand?

  2. Hmm, good advice HP. Thanks..i’ll try that next time. I just didnt think “ginosophy” sounded quite right 🙂

    As for Gin, i *love* Gin. It’s several different bottles. I have Bombay Sapphire for everyday drinking, Hendricks for a refreshing cucumber g&t, T-10 for some special occasions, a little Malawi Gin, and i emptied my bottle of Aviation gin last dinner party. That makes me sad – anyone know somewhere in Canada i can pick some up?

    You guys have any issues with grain-distilled spirits, or they all clear sailing?

  3. BB – i assume it has no affiliation, but one can never be too sure. Have you tried Brits before, or Sir Winstons? Can you compare E-towns Captain Scotts to these two?

  4. Brits and Back Home are on my to do list, but I never seem to get around to it because when I have fish and chip cravings I go back to Captain Scott’s! Haven’t heard of Sir Winstons though – any idea which part of town it’s in?

    And sometimes if you have writer’s block, it’s always nice to take a small vacation to recharge.

  5. Wow. Gin Aficionado! Bombay Sapphire for me. Gin Fizz. From my hotel career days, way back. Fresh lemon and real sugar sirop, no pre mix. Classy cocktail bars are getting hard to find.

    All stories about liquor written in your format are good. Mostly grown ups here and Mormons are becoming more tolerant….

  6. BB – Let me know when you get to Brits. I’d love to hear a comparison.
    Sir Winstons is on the southside – 51st avenue, and just east of 106th street – maybe 105th? In the strip mall next to London Drugs.

    They had some family problems a few years ago, and were closed for the longest time. They reopened, but i don’t know if they still are or not. They used to be quite good.

    H. Peter – i love all liquor, but gin holds a special place in my heart. I never liked Gin prior to 2001 – but i was told g&t was the most refreshing drink in hot weather, and one summer (our winter), i was on Easter Island and it was very very warm, which im not a big fan of. Cheap double gin and tonics kept me cool the entire time, and i’ve been a big fan ever since 🙂

    I might post more about liquor then.. at least it’s a new topic that’s a little more diverse.

    And i heartily approve of a well-made Gin Fizz – but for me, the simple syrup can’t be too sweet though. Classy cocktail bars are tough to find in Canada – mixology hasnt taken off like wine has. I have high hopes though. If you’re ever at home making gin fizz, try a flame squeeze with a meyer lemon. I like it a lot better than infusing the lemon, or just garnishing the drink with it.

  7. I drove by Sir Winstons last night and they are still up and running; it was quite sad when they shut their doors a while back. I’ve never really had a great experience at Brits, always soggy or overly greasy, so I rarely venture from Sir Winstons these days. Plus it was also the first place I had a deep fried Mars bar.

  8. That’s great to hear raidar, thanks for keeping us posted. They are quite good, so if they are still open, definitely worth checking out. About Brits, that’s too bad. I’ve only been once, but it was pretty decent.

  9. Yeah, it is too bad at Brits. Most people are quite positive about it, but I could never find it’s knack and fish and chips is such a treat for me that I rarely want to “waste” the opportunity of taking in those 3000 calories of deep fried goodness! 🙂

  10. So… I finally went to Brits – the fish piece was big, and it looked fine but once you put it in your mouth, both it and the fries were a little too greasy. I’d still take Captain Scott’s over Brits.

  11. Hi, I would just like to say that I thought the Captain Scotts fish in chips in NE calgary were the best I have ever had in the world and I have lived in england for over 10 years, you must of just gone on an unlucky day or got an unlucky piece of fish because they are the BEST …I drive all the way from drumheller to eat their fish and chips…UMMMM!!

  12. By far the best fish and chips i’ve yet tried. I live on the other side of town so delivery isn’t my favorite option, but dining in is definitely well worth the visit! The fish is always tender and not the least bit dry… I agree with Keven T, you must have gone on an unlucky day! Chips are always delicious with that home style cut, JUST LOVE IT!!

  13. Actually I have noticed that Captain Scott’s has the most fish-to-batter ratio that I have seen in any fish and chip restaurant. Perhaps the fish you recieved may have been slightly compromised? We enjoy dining in at Captain Scott’s, the service is friendly and you get what you are paying for.

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