Wah Yuen Noodle House – Richmond, BC

Wah Yuen Noodle House
1035-3700 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 231 9080‎

The Pre-Game. That’s what I like to call my personal process in preparing my appetite for an upcoming trip abroad. It usually involves some reading (books, magazines, internet), some tinkering with my camera equipment (cleaning, lens maintenance/acquisition), browsing of grocery stores catering to natives of those lands here in Canada, and most importantly, local sampling of some cuisine I can expect to see on my travels. For my latest 18-day journey in Asia, I knew I was in for a large quantity of Chinese food, being that each country I would be visiting has a large community. Unfortunately, with my busy schedule before I boarded my departing flight, this edition of my Pre-Game was quite limited in the eating component. Sadly so, as I could only recall this single outing to Wah Yuen Noodle House, in the week prior to my leaving Canada, and am embarrassed to say it was at a food court.

Located in the Yaohan Center in Richmond, it is one of my earliest experiences with a dominantly-Asian food court in Canada. I fondly recall there being a simple understated Japanese ramen spot here many years ago, but it has since disappeared. There is also a decent bubble tea place that I like getting my fix at. Near the main entrance is Wah Yuen. It stands out for its big bold Chinese lettering in the signage, and the cooking area that is enclosed in glass in one corner of the stall. Offering an assortment of noodle dishes, including wontons, beef balls/tendon/brisket/tripe, etc. Wah Yuen is a popular spot – judging from the constant lineup. They also offer up some congee, so with that, a sampling was done of both.

The Noodles with Beef Brisket came in a smallish Styrofoam bowl, with cheap chopsticks and a limp plastic spoon. The noodles were that skinny but really chewy variety, and the broth was light, perhaps a tad salty but still flavorful with essence of seafood. There were no other toppings, but at this price of about five dollars, I figure I couldn’t be too picky. On its own, it certainly couldn’t fill you up.

I’d heard some good things about the congee here. So a Seafood Congee was selected, more for sampling as truthfully I am not a big congee connoisseur. Hidden under the gooey, soupy rice were some pieces of squid, fish and shrimp. No doubt just some frozen pieces thrown into the pot and cooked. After a few spoonfuls, I must say I still don’t know the appeal of congee, as it just tastes chalky to me and lacks any significant flavor. As I’ve said before, its “sick food” for those days when other things don’t go down and your taste buds are out of commission.

Based on this meal alone, it did make me realize that I could look forward to better offerings abroad.

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