Dragon View Restaurant – Kuala Lumpur, MY

Dragon View Restaurant
82 Jalan Ipoh
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603 4044 4944

Being in SE Asia, I’ve learned that carrying an umbrella is a must.  I suppose in some ways, its much like Vancouver.  While out searching for a place to eat with some friends in Malaysia, the downpour came suddenly and we scattered into a nearby building that had open doors and ready for business.  Luckily, it was a place that some of them knew.  In that way, I suppose we were lucky in that it was not a complete tempting of restaurant Russian roulette.

The menu at Dragon View Restaurant was pretty standard Cantonese fare.  Based on some suggestions by my dining partners, our meal consisted of some meat, noodles, and soup.  It seems that whenever I dine with these fellows, this is the pattern we follow. 

As you can see, the interior is nothing outstanding, as food takes precedent over any atmosphere here.  I think the nearby food stalls on the sidewalk just behind me where I took this image, were more exciting as far as appearance goes.  Too bad they were deluged with water, as I think I would have rather gone there.

These pork dumplings in soup were the first to arrive at our table.  The dumplings were quite large, more than an easy mouthful.  The soup was flavorful, despite being quite light in nature.  With the rain falling down outside, it was a nice warm start to our late lunch.

This plate of noodles and barbecue pork actually came out on two separate plates – the image was taken after I had dumped the meat on top of the noodles.  It was how I was instructed to eat it.  The noodles were a thin variety and not overly cooked.  The slices of pork were from various cuts, some more tender and fattier than others.  The sauce was a thicker sweet one, which went well with the barbecue pork, and wrapped around the noodles easily.  I could have easily eaten more than what was on this single plate all by myself.

The large plate of barbecue duck was the main part of the meal.  Frankly, I don’t really sense a great deal of difference where I eat this dish, as I think its fairly consistent between ethnic Chinese communities is various parts of the world.  As one would expect, it did have an assortment of pieces, which I am sure everyone has their personal preference on when it comes to the leaner or fattier pieces.

These kinds of impromptu restaurant visits are something that I often do, but on this occasion, the direction was given by Mother Nature.  Should I blame her for a rather ordinary meal?  Well, perhaps.  It certainly did nothing to excite my taste buds, as its all stuff I have had many times before, in many different places.  My food odyssey in this part of the world continues…

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