Fifth Furlong – Another Milestone Passed!

Today, we (not so) quietly celebrate the completion of our fifth full month of existence at Foodosophy.  We also welcomed the 25,000th visit through the turnstiles, according to the WordPress hit counter.  Doing that simple math, five thousand hits per month on average, I think we are mildly pleased with the results so far and hope that we continue to reach out to our readership with stories of interest on the eating scene from around the world. We also hope to continue to develop more of a community, with more dialogue progressing back and forth.

As we were uploading the new image header to mark our monthly anniversary this morning, we were struck by just how fast the collection of reviews and thoughts have accumulated on this site. We are grateful for everyone who has been interacting with us through their comments on many of our posts, and eagerly await all of the discussion that arises after we publish each review.  For the shy majority who we know are out there reading and lurking, we do hope that you find the courage to leave us your impressions on anything that we do, or any information you have to add, or share, as we are constantly looking for more feedback. It doesn’t hurt to know if our reviews have been helpful to you in your own dining/eating experiences either!

Also, please do drop by the Ask Foodosophy section and leave us any notes about any places you’d like us to review, visit, etc. as we cannot possibly know about all of the new developments out there in your areas.  We will do our best to get a writer into the area for an in-depth piece of coverage.

As we continue on our journey to bring you more and more articles on restaurants, food options, and general thoughts on many things food-related, we would like to give you some insights into what we hope to develop in the coming months.  First of all, more contributing writers.  We are in touch with some individuals who have expressed interest in sharing their own ‘foodosophy’ with us, from various parts of the world.  We hope this will bring a larger collection of stories outside of the main domains we have covered so far. I don’t know about you guys and gals, but I know everyone at Foodosophy loves hearing about different food experiences from all over the globe. To us, this is very much the “Anthony Bourdain” appeal.

Of course, adding new writers will assist us when some of us are off traveling as we tend to do. It hasn’t been easy keeping a hectic travel, and a daily writing schedule. More writers will hopefully help.

In addition, other ideas we are throwing around – we’ve discussed covering a single geographic location, capturing both the highs and lows of a region by covering several eating experiences under one umbrella post. We feel this might give a better overall idea of what a smaller town or area is like.  We are also exploring the possibilities of doing some one-day photo essays related to our eating experiences when we are on the road, that may involve less text and more images to convey what our senses were exposed to on our travels.

In closing, please let us reiterate how happy we are to be the caretakers of this site, exchanging and sharing knowledge with all of our readers.  When it comes to food and dining on a global scale, nothing makes us happier.  Thank you all so much!

The Foodosophy Team


5 thoughts on “Fifth Furlong – Another Milestone Passed!

  1. Hey, shokutsu, Foodosopher,

    Congratulations on your milestone! So far I have enjoyed almost all (if not, all) your posts. In fact, I must mention two post that have really inspired me: the one on Blowfish Sushi and the one on Urazawa. So, keep it up!

    (As a footer on Blowfish’s entry, I have already planned to visit Irashai soon).

  2. Congrats! I make a daily trip over here to check out and be inspired by the visits you make. Moving around the province of Alberta has been rough this year (mostly small towns) and really cut back on my quality eating experiences, so it is great to see what’s out there. Food is such a great universal pleasure…Keep up the great work!

  3. I second the appreciation expressed above by foodosopher – everyone’s comments and feedback is what drives us to continue and strive for more in what we’re trying to do here. Please keep it coming! 🙂

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