Joe’s Pizzeria – New York City, NY

Joe’s Pizzeria
7 Carmine St
New York, New York 10014
(212) 255-3946

When I have been drinking, I usually get a serious case of the munchies. In most cities, this means either 24hr fast food, a bag of chips, or cooking up some interesting fridge skillet. But in the city that never sleeps, there are always great options. And let’s be honest, nothing hits the spot quite like a nice greasy slice. In the Village, even at 3am, there are great options – the best of the lot is Joe’s Pizza.

In the pantheon of NYC Pizza, Joe’s Pizza generally falls near the top of everyone’s list. Ray’s, Grimaldis, DiFara follow closely behind. Even though they wildly promote their appearance in Spiderman, NYC locals already know about Joe’s. What they serve is a classic slice of NYC pie. NYC pie generally is a thin crust, crispy yet maleable like a true neapolitan pizza, and is eaten folded over on itself. Toppings are very simple – simple cheese, pepperoni, or sometimes as complicated as sausage and onion, mozarella, or pepperoni mushroom.

Slices are served at all hours – my fuzzy memory recalls that they are open until 4am on weekends. While standing in line for my second serving (my fourth or fifth slice), an argument breaks out in front of me over the appropriate condiments for a slice. Straight up parmesan on one side, parmesan and garlic powder on the other. I love New Yorkers 🙂 Personally, i side with the garlic powder people. It’s delicious.

There isnt much more to say. NYC style pizza is a mandatory food group everyone needs to try. Put it this way – after an evening at Masa, tapas at Boqueria, then drinks at the Mandarin Oriental, the most memorable thing of the evening was taking a cab from the Upper West Side to the Village for 5 slices of greasy, heavenly goodness. Joe’s Pizza is good stuff – and im even pretty sure it wasnt the booze talking!

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