Dairy Queen (Stadium Location) – Calgary, AB

Dairy Queen – Stadium Location
2126 Crowchild Trail NW
Calgary, AB T2M 3Y7
(403) 282-4947

Let me break from tradition and recognize the fact that this post is a little weak. But with Shokutsu in town, and us hitting every restaurant and bar we can humanly get to while keeping our jobs, neither of us are in peak writing condition. But I still feel this is a valuable public service announcement.

Once a month, a group of friends and I get together to try a new restaurant. Each month, a different member picks a new place to try. Hole in the wall places, fine dining places, everything in between – no type of restaurant is excluded. Often, when we are finished, we have a craving for something sweet. Strangely enough, typically, it’s Gelato, or more often than not, a Blizzard. There’s something good, tasty, and nostalgic about softserve and candy blended together.

When you start to hit most of the Dairy Queens around Calgary, you quickly come to one realization: not all Blizzards are created equal. Many places skimp on toppings. Some places have a more limited menu. And more often than not, most Blizzards are runny, gloopy, and melting.

If you remember the old Dairy Queen commercials, the true test of the Blizzard is to turn it upside down – proving that it was mixed properly, and is thick enough for their “Gold Standard”.

The best Dairy Queen in town (for a Blizzard) used to be on Kensington Rd, at the location that is ironically enough Amato Gelato. Once that Dairy Queen shutdown, the title was inherited by the Stadium Location of the Dairy Queen. They make a great thick Blizzard with a decent amount of toppings. After many disappointing Blizzards, whenever the mood hits, this is the location we go to. Consider yourself warned – the next time you’re in the mood for a Blizzard, make the trek here from wherever you are. If not, you might just be wearing that Blizzard on your shoes.


4 thoughts on “Dairy Queen (Stadium Location) – Calgary, AB

  1. Totally agree! I now live way in the deep south of Calgary, but used to frequent the Stadium DQ when I was back in the NW. They always had the best blizzards and dip cones. We lived in Edgemont at the time, but would go the extra drive to get to this DQ. It’s funny to think that other DQs can screw up a dip cone, but somehow other DQs did! The Stadium one always got it right though… and the blizzards. They never skimped on the mixins. 🙂

    Damn… i really want an Oreo blizzard now. Or a Reese Pieces one. Do they still have those? Man… it’s been ages since I’ve had a blizzard. Think i’ll get one today! (i’m am influenced easily… *sigh*)

  2. The University Dairy Queen in MacEwan Hall was also a great location (I haven’t been there in a couple of years). Generous on the fixings, accommodating of any combinations or substitutions, and standing up to the upside-down test. I miss my custom Blizzards!

  3. Monica,

    Sounds like we are kindred spirits on Blizzards – definitely worth the extra drive, and I really should have mentioned their dip cones, which are actually firmly dipped, and not melting everywhere.

    They actually replaced Reese’s Pieces on the menu with Reese Peanut Butter cups, but, they have a secret menu that has it! Well, maybe i exaggerate. I was told that they still do carry Reese’s Pieces, they just ran out of room on the menu boards for all the selections of mixings. If you don’t see it, just ask. All the good DQ’s carry far more selection than their menu’s indicate, and as Karen pointed out, the good places allow you to combine and substitute as you please.

    Incidentally, RP is my favorite, followed by Skor.


    Thanks for the intel on the University DQ. I didnt even know one existed there! Good to know. I assume it’s in the food court? Can anyone confirm it’s still there since MacHall went to a healthier standard?

  4. > Foodosopher

    In tribute to this posting and much to my own amazement that I would do such a thing, I indulged in a DQ Blizzard this evening. A Reese Peanut Butter Cup flavor to boot. The Kitsilano outlet at 2601 West Broadway (which even has a drive thru, a rarity for fast food in this city) made a fine version. All thick and non-droopy (they even did the upside down thing), with plenty of crushed toppings hidden in the softserve. I can’t believe I fell for your story. 🙂

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