Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company – Canmore, AB

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company
#1 838 10th Street
Canmore, AB
(403) 609-5508
Wednesday – Sunday, 5.00 pm onwards

I’m not exactly sure when flatbread became synonymous with pizza, but that’s exactly what it is. Generally speaking, thin crust, though i’ve come across all kinds in my travels. Regardless of what you call it, the recipe for success is generally the same. A great crust, appropriate sauce, and the right blend of toppings – for the most part, meats, cheeses, and vegetables. While it seems like a simple formula, very few places get it right. Thankfully, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company is one place that works hard to succeed.

The Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company is a Canmore-based company producing good flatbread pizza. Perhaps more admirably, they do so with a mission. Their key philosophy is their belief in community. They believe in contributing to the community they live in, supporting their local producers, and supporting a variety of social and environmental causes. They even charge a optional carbon tax on each meal to offset the carbon emissions used to create your meal. This form of respect for their community certainly comes with a price – slightly higher prices, but I know personally, it is a small price I am willing to pay. In line with their mision, they use only local organic ingredients. No additives, GMO’s, transfats.

I’ve been to both locations (ther other is in Kits), and have to admit, im hard pressed to tell the difference other than their beer selection – they both carry local beers. Canmore carries Big Rock (a not so micro-brew based out of Calgary), and Grizzly Paw from down the street on tap. Good stuff.

Beer aside, their menu has a fairly rustic Italian slant. Antipastos, a lot of baked things that utilize their oven, and some salads and pastas.

However, you don’t generally go someplace called the “flatbread company” to order salad. You come to get a great pizza. For me, the pizza starts with the crust. The key to great crust, aside from yeast, dough, and water, is oven temperature. Conventional ovens can only typically reach 500oF, where as pizza ovens need to be typically much hotter. Rocky Mountain Flat Bread Company has a special-built oven made with many local components, able to reach temperatures over 900oF. The result is a great crisp and chewy crust, the perfect platform for delivering toppings.

Consensus – good pizza. The crust is really solid. The sauce, decent, though i found it a bit sparse in some areas. They use a nice blend of toppings, which are both fresh, and fairly tasty, but I find the pizzas are loaded with a few too many toppings – a lot of the flavours end up blending together to form an indeterminable taste. I personally prefer a simpler pizza, where a few ingredients stand out and speak for themselves, but it’s just that, personal preference.

At the end of the day, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company does not make revolutionary pizza, nor is it something worth travelling the globe to try. What they are is a great local company with heart, and soul, that makes a good product. And when im choosing someplace to spend my hard earned cash, im pretty happy if my purchase makes my stomach, and my conscience just a bit happier. When in Canmore, that’s as good of a dinner choice as you can make.

One thought on “Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company – Canmore, AB

  1. A very good looking pie if I do say so myself. 1st Ave. I never drive on, but will see if I can stop by next time I am driving along Burrard and have a craving. Might be the first double-take on Foodosophy. 🙂

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