Bernard Callebaut – Calgary, AB

Bernard Callebaut, Head Office
1313 1 Street SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 266-4300

The theme for today is short and sweet. Bernard Callebaut, descendant from the Barry Callebaut family, is a chocolatier based in Calgary Alberta, and has redefined chocolate for an entire generation of Western Canadians. This is not a premium chocolate, like a rare wild cocoa criollo, but it has paved the way for better chocolate. Much like Starbucks lead the way for coffee, Bernard Callebaut has raised the bar from Laura Secord to something better.

At their head office location, they not only manufacture the chocolates that are distributed all around North America, they experiment and play with different ideas. One of these ideas is serving soft-serve ice cream –  made with iced milk. It comes in chocolate, and vanilla flavours. For $3.75 for a small, it is a decadent dessert. But it is served only seasonally in summer, and they shut the machine down every fall, until the coming of the following summer.

It’s really good. And time is running out for another year. Give it a try. It is both short, and sweet.

Bernard Callebaut on Urbanspoon

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