Grizzly Paw Brewery – Canmore, AB

The Grizzly Paw Brewery
622 Main Street
Canmore, AB T1W 2B5
(403) 678-9983

Located just outside Banff National Park, Canmore is a large town in the Bow Valley, nestled against the Rockies, serving as a destination for outdoor activity and adventure. The town has re-invented itself, moving from a small coal mining town to a tourist destination for outdoor enthusiats. While Canmore actually boasts a high number of drinking establishments, the town is still a combination of old and new places to imbibe. The Grizzly Paw Brewery falls squarely with the new. Located on Main Street, it is almost impossible to miss.

Starting as a Brew Pub in 1996, the Grizzly Paw now brews under a microbrewery license, distributing their beer around Alberta . With 8 hand-crafted beers on tap at any given time, they have a good selection of beer to meet everyone’s tastes: pilsner, to wheat ale, to ambers, browns, stouts, and seasonal beers. The beer itself is brewed with a purpose – sacrificing little in quality, they follow fairly traditional techniques to produce subtle, flavour-filled beers.

While the beer is obviously the principal component in any brew pub, food is a critical part of any pub experience. Burgers are typically the meal of choice for most diners. The burgers themselves are good, but i am not a big fan of the fries. Entrees feature some rib sticking fare, including ribs, steak, and chicken. and as a nice added touch, feature their own beer as part of the recipe, But my favorite dish here could very well be the nachos. Definitely a moundful, they are well layered with cheese, and loaded with olives, onions, green onions, tomatos, jalapenos, and served with salsa and sour cream. The chips are well seasoned, and crispy, and the platter definitely is a meal for two – it had better be for the steep price of $19.95 – and that’s before adding chicken or beef!

Therein lies the issue my one small issue with the Grizzly Paw – the price. They do serve a quality product, with a good healthy portion. But for pub fare, i guess i expect something more on the reasonable side – especially with the bevy of alternative options in town. None, with the quality of beer that the Grizzly Paw serves though. While there are definitely good values on the menu (the burgers, and the entrees are actually all quite fair in price), you need to look carefully or you may just end up with a 6 dollar plate of fries, or a 7 dollar basket of chips and salsa.

After a hard day of play, there is often nothing better than a nice cold malted beverage. And something greasy to wash it down with. If enjoying a nice, locally brewed beer is important to you, this is your best choice in Canmore. The Grizzly Paw Brewery fills the need for fresh micro beers combined with good greasy food. And if the lineups are any indication, they’re doing something right on both accounts.

2 thoughts on “Grizzly Paw Brewery – Canmore, AB

  1. I know you have some other favorites in Canmore, so look forward to reading about them when you make your occasional jaunts over to this little town in the Rockies!

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