Capri Pizza and Steakhouse – Calgary, AB

Capri Pizza and Steakhouse
1704 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 276-8918

You see them everywhere – the ubiquitous steak and pizza joint. They dot strip malls and store fronts all around your city, and it’s likely you’ve never eaten at most of them. After all, they’re all the same right? Tacky decor, plain beef and decent pizza for inflated prices, other than the guaranteed steak sandwich special on some night of the week when things are decidedly all too quiet, and the VLT’s are the only action in the house. Mediocre food being passed off as fine dining. Why would you bother – been to one, been to them all.

Capri Pizza and Steakhouse, from the outside, is one of those places. On the corner of the TransCanada and Edmonton Trail, this institution has been around since 1976. One of those places that you always drive by, but never been into. And somehow, are always busy. They serve garlic bread with every order, prime rib is always the special, and they grill your meat on an indoor grill where you can watch.

In order to appropriately evaluate Capri, there are several important factors you have to weigh. FIrst and foremost, is the beef. Serving Alberta beef of no discernable marbling, it does taste pretty good charbroiled. Definitely wet aged, most cuts are fairly generous, tender, with a reasonable flavour. A bit under seasoned, the beef is still otherwise ok.

Second is the sides. With each steak comes garlic toast, your choice of potato, and some veg. All good classic steakhouse sides. Sides usually (not in this case), taste better than the meat itself. These sides were decent.

Lastly is the price. When you’re paying for ok beef, and decent sides, what you want are decent prices. 16oz T-bone is $23.75. 12oz NY Strip is $23.75. 15oz sirloin: $22.75. Filet – 8oz, 24.75. You determine for yourself if this is a decent price or not.

Put it this way – i’m not sure I would ever go back. There was nothing wrong with Capri, and the steak was even pretty decent. The Prime Rib was tremendously underseasoned and underwhelming, but the T-bone was pretty good. The sides are fine. The service is fine. The utilitarian decor is fine. The prices are fine. Everything is fine. But that’s not enough for me to spend my hard earned dollars there. I’ve been to a few of these kinds of places, and I really do feel like I have been to them all. And while that might be a bigger indictment of me, rather than Capri, that’s fine. I still wouldn’t go back unless I had to. Which is too bad really, because I was really hoping to have my socks blown off. And they just didn’t succeed at that.

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5 thoughts on “Capri Pizza and Steakhouse – Calgary, AB

  1. Reminds me of an always busy place in my hometown, aptly named the generic New York Steak House. Packed parking lot, modest decor and food offerings, that for some reason has a large loyal following. A big part of me thinks that seemingly successful joints such as these are benefiting greatly from a) location to a major road, b) a long history in that location and c) families that still think a great night out involves steak, potatoes and pizza. Okay to go that once in a blue moon for decent offerings, but like you say, better places to spend the same kind of money.

  2. I’ve had some slightly better experiences at Capri and I also tend to have a slightly nostalgic bias when it comes to these sort of places (well, not the nasty ones). If you do have the chance to try their pizza you’ll likely find it to be fairly good. I admit it’s been at least 3 years since I’ve dines there. Good reviews by the way.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion – i love pizza, so i’ll definitely give it a try someday when one of my friends pushes for steak. It’ll be a good compromise 🙂

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